\ All Things Girl Scouts: #findyourparkinstameet

April 9, 2016


Are you looking for a last minute troop activity? Do you have little ones who like outdoor activities? Just wondering if the closest national park is really worth the annual pass fee? 

From April 16th to April 24th, all National Parks are free of fees.  It is national park week in the US and you can celebrate all week long, enjoying the National Parks at no cost!

There are also some events that are happening throughout the US at these parks.  Some examples of these events are park ranger for a day, junior ranger, every kid in a park day and instameet.

National parks are a great place for families and troops to get together, and play, hike or just enjoy the outdoors.

Check out this site to locate your nearest national parks, as well as calendar events for national park week!


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