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As we move through our journey in girl scouts, we do many, many, MANY crafts and activities.  As a matter of fact, we do *at least* one at EACH meeting.  As a result, I've compiled quite a list of fun, easy crafts.  Sometimes, you don't want to wade through each patch requirement to see what the craft is within it, so I've gathered them here.  

I'll list the title, a short description, and a link to the craft.  Enjoy!


  • Sunny Coupons
    • A how to for a fun coupon favor coupon book.
  • Jar of Kindness
    • A simple activity craft to create a jar to remind and prompt kindness in your children's everyday activity.
  • Foam Door Hanger Chore Chart
    • An easy craft to track what chores there are to do, and what chores have been done.
  • Paper Inch Worm
    • Just as it seems - a simple paper inch worm.
  • Lady Bug Roll Up
    • Just as it seems - a simple paper lady bug.
  • Mini Cupcakes
    • Miniature cupcakes, used in this instance for SWAPS, but also a good option for toy food for older kids.
  • Sit Upons
    • A girl scout tradition, and completely useful addition to your life - a vinyl seat with padding to make sitting anywhere comfortable and dry. 
  • Hand/Face Scrub
    • An all natural, very easily put together face and hand scrub.
  • Decorative String Ornaments
    • A ornament decor made with balloons, white glue and string.
  • Crayon Shaving Art
    • A picture made with heating crayon shavings.


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