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March 14, 2016

Spa Party Fun Patch

One of the MANY great things that girl scouts do, is to complete 'fun' patches.  Fun patches are just that - fun.  They technically have no requirements, and you can purchase them through the council, or through a variety of websites - www.snappylogos.com is a go to for us.

When my girls do a fun patch, our troop implements some rules.  This isn't for everyone, but we really like this process.  We choose a patch, and then we choose 3 requirements to go with it.  One requirement must be a hands on activity, one must be education based, and the third can be whatever they wish.

Today's patch was a girl planned and girl led patch.  Two of our little ladies got together, and after poring over the big book of patches, and the many patches on line, they decided on the spa party fun badge.  

The 3 requirements they chose were:
- Make a homemade hand scrub
- Use the hand scrub on a friend
- Finish your manicure and paint your fingernails

After some research, the girls decided on a simple recipe for the hand scrub.  The recipe they found wasn't necessarily a scrub for hands, but we'd tried it anyways.  We found an easy, simple scrub at a fun blog here!  That recipe was:

1 T. Honey
1 T. Brown Sugar

For the sake of ease, I gave each girl a plastic zip loc baggie, pre loaded with one tablespoon of honey.  The girls each used a measuring spoon to measure one tablespoon of brown sugar into their baggies.  They closed them up, made sure they were sealed, and sort of massaged the honey and brown sugar together, until it made a gooey paste of sorts.  This kept the area clean (read: not covered in sticky honey) AND, bonus, made an instant take away - the girls took the leftover scrub home to share with mom.

For the second requirement, each girl just reached in and scooped a bit out, then massaged it into their hands.  This was not the highlight of this badge work! LOL!  The girls were a bit put off by the gooey-ness of the project, and most were glad to rinse their hands.  This was an effective scrub though - those little paws were very soft after the scrub portion of the manicure. Thanks Kitchen McCabe!

The last part of this badge was to pick a pretty color, and paint your nails, or a friends nails.  Since my girls are little, they really loved this part.  In the end, we had some very happy little ladies with soft hands and pretty nails.  It was a great bonding experience for us all!

Have you done this badge? How did it go - did you do it the same, or tweak it a little? I love hearing about other's experiences.

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