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March 17, 2016

Lupe: Honest and Fair - Light Blue Petal

Welcome to the Daisy Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting!  The main focus of this book for our first and second year girls is the Daisy Petal Patch.  Unlike the badge work for older girls, there are not a whole heck of a lot of guidelines for the petal patches.

1.  Enjoy Lupe’s Story

Lupe's story is in the Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting.  Lupe the Lupine is the first petal of ten that you will learn about in this guide.  Lupe's petal is about learning what being honest and fair means.  If you don't have the Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting, you can hear it read here by Troop #5007.

Other appropriate books to enjoy and discuss in lieu of Lupe's story:

  • The Boy Who Cried Wolf
  • Princess Kim and the Lie that Grew, MaryAnn Cocca-Leffler
  • Liar Liar, Pants on Fire, Diane deGroat
  • Little Croc's Purse, Lizzie Finlay

2. Act out the story with Daisy friend

This step is pretty self explanatory - just assign each girl their own part, and help them come up with a quick skit of this story.  This step is really about comprehension, so as long as they get the gist of it, it's all good.  If you have a large troop, splitting them up into groups, and assigning parts of the story to act out will work well.

3. Practice being honest and fair

This last step is open to interpretation.  We chose to do an activity that would get the girls up and moving, and be a hands on illustration of the characteristics of Lupe the Lupine.  I got plastic Easter eggs - one for each girl in my troop.  I split them in half, and in one half, I put two Hershey kisses in each egg.  The other half, I left empty.

We met in a community building, so while we were doing the early parts of the meeting, one of my parent volunteers hid the eggs outside in the greens surrounding the building.  When we got to this part of the meeting, I gathered my girls and told them I had a fun activity for them.  We were going to have an impromptu Easter egg hunt.  There was only ONE rule - each girl can only find one egg.  Once they find their egg, they come back to home base, and wait for their friends to finish.

Once everyone had their egg, we went inside and sat back down at our table.  I told the girls they could each open their eggs.  Some girls were elated to have received TWO chocolates. Some girls were put off because their eggs were empty.  As girls began to protest and grumble that it wasn't fair, I explained that they were correct - it wasn't fair.  I asked them if they knew what would make it fair.  My girls proudly decided that if each girl with 2 chocolates shared theirs, everyone could have one.  I did have one little lady who just didn't want to share (because who wants to give away their chocolate!) but a quick talk about girl scouts being a sister to every scout, and learning about being honest and fair got her on board.  Once everyone had their own chocolate, everyone opened and enjoyed their chocolate. 

We had a great time with this - not many things cuter than 5 and 6 year olds learning about girl scouts! Tell me how your Lupe the Lupine earning went!

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