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July 21, 2016

Displaying Badge Work

When we moved to our current city, we moved cross country in the dead of winter.  My girl and I adore girl scouts, and it has been a fantastic way to meet friends for both my girl and myself.  We knew we wanted to jump right into scouts.

Every girl scout mom knows that joining a new group comes with some financial obligation, and girl scouts is no different.  My current troop formed in the middle of the school year - right at the start of the cookie season.  My girls were AMAZING and jumped right into cookie season, and off we went.

As time went on, and the girls began to earn petals, we considered some cost effective ways to display petals.  My daughter was the only girl who had previously been a scout, so I had quite a few girls who did not have a daisy bib, and moms were reluctant to spend all that money on a daisy bib when my girls would be bridging shortly.

I reached out to my mom friends, and one of my girlfriends (Thank you Cella!) showed me the ingenious idea of getting troop shirts, and ironing/sewing the petal patches on there.  This is a great idea - it gives the girls a chance to display the badges they've earned without dipping too deeply into our parents pockets!

What creative ideas have YOU used to display badge work? I love to see comments, and posts sharing your creativity!

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