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March 27, 2016

F.A.I.R. Method

F.A.I.R. Method

For most girl scout matters (or ANY issue, for that matter), the F.A.I.R. method can be employed.  It allows leaders to lay out all of the facts, while remaining empathetic to parents and girls.  

F (Facts)This is what you will open with - you just want to give facts here.  Refrain from any emotion or frustration, and neutrally explain the facts of the situation.

A (Acknowledge) - After laying out the facts, take a moment to recognize the other party, and their role.

I (Impact)- Explain the significance and repercussions that this will have on the troop.

R (Result) - End with the conclusion you want or need to derive from the situation

You can find a PDF of this graphic here: F.A.I.R. Method

**For example, if you have a girl who is late with cookie money, you might say: 

F - GS mom, the date to turn in cookie money was last Friday.  I haven't received any funds yet. 

A - I know things have been really crazy with cookies, and it may have slipped your mind. 

I - Without these funds turned in, the troop becomes responsible for that money, and it will take away from the girls earnings. 

R - Can we set a time to get those funds dropped off before Wednesday, so they are in the bank in time for the council withdrawal?

Have you had any difficult situations to handle, where you employed the F.A.I.R. method? How did it go for you? Are there any specific situations you'd like to see scripting for?

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