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March 29, 2016

Policy regarding the usage of the Girl Scout Branding

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I wanted to take a moment to touch on the branding policy, and risk of copyright infringement on the Girl Scout trademark.  You'll notice, as you look through this blog, there is no official branding on it.  There are no trefoils, or GS trademarks, because this is my personal blog, and is not affiliated with the GSUSA in any way.

This time of year, leaders start looking for end of year gifts, or something special for bridging.  With a quick google search,, you pull up no less than 594,000 ways to buy something with Girl Scout branding on it.  I encourage you to make sure you aren't infringing on copyright, or encouraging someone else to do it.  It is illegal, and you can be prosecuted for infringement.  The GSUSA regulates everything from typeface, to size, to specific color used, as well as designating a specific person to request product approvals from.  

PLEASE NOTE:  While the profiles (or "heads") trefoil  can now be used by itself, it should only be used to represent the BUSINESS of Girl Scouting, while the solid trefoil should be used to represent the FUN of Girl Scouting.  That said, 9 times out of 10, you will use the SOLID trefoil instead of the profiles trefoil for items such as t-shirts, flyers, etc. These items should be approved on a item by item basis.

Most councils have their own pages on copyrights and trademarks as well - and if you have any remaining doubt, feel free to reach out to your individual council, or the GSUSA at large - they are always willing to help!

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