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August 9, 2016

Girl Scout Trip Behavior Contract

Girl Scout 

Being a Girl Scout is something you DO, and it is an EXPERIENCE that no girl should miss!

Trips can be a daunting task.  But they are also rewarding, and fun, and an absolutely pleasure to partake in.  The planning for them can be a beast - and I WILL talk about that in another post - and the execution is sometimes a labor of love.  However. Watching your young ladies bond, learn, and evolve into smart, vibrant, confident young women is fantastic.

This post addresses some of the expectations you have for your girls and parents during the execution of the trip.  The two forms I am sharing with you today come from a wonderful leader - Colleen Doctorian - who has gracefully allowed me to blog about and share these with you.  They are a GREAT starting point. 

The first form is a permission slip with a payment schedule built right into it.  I love this idea because everything is up front, and there is no room for surprises.  The amount on the example is $421.28.  However, I just did a mock up of this form for my own girls, with a total due of $35.  We have 3 payments due - a non refundable deposit of $15, and two subsequent payments of $10.  So you can see this form will work with any amount.  

I really like this form simply because it lays out the expectations for parents clearly and concisely, and should prevent any awkward or unfun interactions with parents later in the process.  It provides consequences for a variety of things - from having to retrieve your girl, to losing your deposit.  It out lays out general behavior expectations.  I really think it is a well written form - and I think you will find great use in it!

The second form is a girl behavior form.  This one is pretty thorough and can be tailored to fit a day trip, and is already set up to fit an overnight.  It discusses a wide variety of expectations as well.  It opens with empowering the girl to take charge and responsibility, and the number 1 rule addresses the Girl Scout law and promise.  It goes on to address basic behavior expectations, as well as things like phone use in a hotel, quiet time, and what kinds of behaviors will result in a girl being sent home.

Please enjoy utilizing these forms, and offer Colleen Doctorian a little shout out for sharing her great resources.  Did you use these? I love to hear how these resources were used, and helped other troops - please share!

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