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August 2, 2016

How can I help you?

I love blogging, and I love girl scouts!  I adored it as a youth growing up, and I adore it now as a leader.

HOWEVER! I want to make sure that this blog is truly addressing our needs as leaders, and offering really useful resources.

I want to offer a safe, and anonymous place to get out all your questions and frustrations.  I want to know what you WISH you knew when you started this endeavor.  Are there resources you have since discovered that would have been great to be directed to right from the start? Were you grossly unaware of the massive amount of time and dedication leading a troop takes? Were you unprepared for your parent meeting?  Did you AMAZING membership coordinator offer you some great resources, and you'd like to see those made available for others? 


Also - what would you like to anonymously ask other leaders. Do you need to know how that one upbeat gal manages to *always* have a sunny disposition? Do you wonder how leader Sally manages to do SO many events? Are you hitting a wall with fundraising and trying to figure out how other troops seem to be rollin in the dough? Or are you frustrated with waning numbers, and wondering why more leaders wont volunteer on a service unit or council level?


Please share!  

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