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October 2, 2016

Daisy Petal Work

Girl Scout 


Being a Girl Scout is something you DO, and it is an EXPERIENCE that no girl should miss!

Yall know I am always on the lookout for more resources!  I have a great set of Daisy petal resources for you all to use and enjoy:

Something I ALSO wanted to share with you was a resource a fellow Daisy leader recently shared with me, and has gracefully allowed me to share with you.

Audrey Anderson is a woman I met in one of my MANY girl scout groups I am a member of online, and she is a wealth of knowledge people! She is often sharing her resources, and guiding other leaders in this quest we are all on to lead our scouts to the best of our abilities!

She has her notes set up in a meeting by meeting fashion - which may be exactly what you are looking for! Everyone absorbs and learns things differently and I am really excited to share this resource with you.

You can find a link to her meeting by meeting layout here:


Something I really enjoyed while reading these notes is that they are personalized for Audrey's troop, but she also offers suggestions and ideas to personalize them for your troop.  She has a lot of ideas and suggestions on how to tame excited little ladies, and how to go one step further to really make your year great.

Did you enjoy her tips? What ones did you find most useful?

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